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Mobile Tajweed Quran with Translation

It's running on the handphone or in blackberries.

Search Ayah in Mobile Tajweed Quran Software/Application Result of ayah searching in Mobile Tajweed Quran Software/Application Quran in english translation in Mobile Tajweed Quran Software/Application

Quite powerful, because it can read the Holy Quran anywhere and anytime as easy to read SMS, taking a break at work, home, musholah, mosque, was waiting at the bus stop even while on the vehicle but not driving. Equipped with translation so you can understand the content of its meaning.

There is tajweed feature and searching feature both in the text of Translations or in the text of Arabic Quran, and certainly quite competitive with the Quran Index books and the Tajweed Quran books that each its price is hundreds of thousands of rupiahs

Mobile Tajweed Quran with Indonesia Translation
Mobile Tajweed Quran with Malay Translation
Mobile Tajweed Quran with English Translation

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